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Offshore Outsourcing Services

24/7 Secretary is a leading Offshore Outsourcing BPO. We specialize in providing remote labor for contact centers and other remote office solutions. 24/7 Secretary is based in Ocala, Florida with highly skilled agents located in Cavite, Philippines. We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service ...

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Your Trusted Offshore Partner

Our specialized team offers a variety of outsourcing services including: customer care, tech support, back-office solutions, customer retention, and data entry. Our exceptional support sets us apart from the competition. Our extremely friendly agents will ensure that your customers receive the best assistance ...

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Impact Sourcing and Empowerment Through Employment

At 24/7 Secretary, Impact Sourcing is integral to our business model. Our core values of community, commitment, and compassion guide us in all that we do. We are providing vital jobs that will improve the lives of many families.

Why Choose Us?

Let us build your offshore BPO team!

Lower Labor Cost

Labor costs have significantly gone up throughout North America and Europe. Inflation, minimum wages hikes, and increased cost of living have all influenced higher wage demands from workers in these areas. Being offshore and in the Philippines our labor rates are usually at least 50% less than those from Western Countries. This is a huge cost savings for all of our clients.

No Minimum Seat Count

We will gladly employ our agents for any size campaign.

Size Does Matter

We are not a massive BPO. We are a midsize operation. We treat every customer like our number 1 client. Your campaign will not get tossed in the corner and forgotten about, even it is a small seat count.

Impact Sourcing

 Each job that we can provide to our community is crucial to our plan for impact sourcing. We are extremely community oriented in our offshore neighborhood. Providing employment is a major objective for us to continue our commitment to our community in the Philippines.

Family Owned

We are a family owned business. 24/7 Secretary has no partners or investors. We have strong family and social ties to Cavite. This gives a special meaning to our commitment to serve.

Ability To Pivot With Trends

Our offshore facilities are located near 3 large universities. We are able to scout freshly educated talent. This allows us to put together high quality teams for new and upcoming verticals within the BPO atmosphere.

Offshore Location Proximity

Our offshore community is located in proximity to several very large BPO hubs in Manila. Many agents in our neighborhood currently commute 2+ hours each way to work daily. When we start a new campaign we are able to attract high quality, experienced BPO workers from these large hubs. This takes away that horrible daily commute and greatly improves the lives of our workers by keeping them in their own community.

Active Ownership

We have American representatives living in the Philippines to assist our offshore staff with specific language training and also educating important Western cultural knowledge. This creates a more well rounded staff that can provide world class customer experience. 


  • Offshore Outsourcing
  • Community Empowerment
  • Highly Skilled Staff
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Very Competitive Rates
  • 24/7 Support
  • Very Low Attrition Rates
  • Impact Sourcing Model
  • Very Dedicated Staff

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